Supporting our Community

At WE(i) Think, we are grateful for all the marvellous projects we are working on and the talented people crossing our path.

We take to heart our responsibility to share our knowledge, promoting wellness and sustainability globally. We aim to enable and inspire individuals to innovate and contribute to making the world a better place for generations to come. 


WE(i) Support

WE(i) Think provides strategic advice to Feed A Million Mouths International, producing and providing healthy and nutrition rich meals to street children and at-risk communities in Africa.

WE(i) Think sits on the board of the Eat Club, addressing vulnerable young people healthy eating and physical and mental health and wellbeing, through cooking classes and supper clubs in London.


WE(i) Champion

WE(i) Think is the voice of wellness and sustainability change and opens the dialogue with various industries.

We produce reports and case studies to support our findings and help administrations and businesses shift to cleaner and healthier ways of planning.

We organise talks and engage with professionals and communities. 


WE(i) Empower

WE(i) Think provides feasibility and business plan tools, along with masterclasses, to help social entrepreneurs kick off their projects.

Through our innovation hub, we encourage initiatives focused on providing solutions to improve people’s health and to reduce environmental impact. This applies to various industries.