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WE(i) Talk: Wellness Edition - The Article

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

By Celine Vadam

Opinion and Research

Through this article, Celine touches on the most intricate parts of wellness, highlighting some of the main controversies, but also some of the most important aspects of wellness in hospitality and how it can best be integrated. The article discusses the industry's potential, outlining astonishing figures from recent years and its growth for the years to come.

In conclusion, you'll find a useful recap with 5 main takeaways to keep in mind when contemplating the world of wellness.

"The word ‘wellness’ is being used everywhere, amplified by the Covid crisis, as a solution to restore elements of traditional wisdom with a modern twist in order to reach a healthier and happier life.
Beyond fads and gimmicky interpretations, wellness is here to stay in an authentic and holistic way and will be a differentiator for hotels, resorts and retreats and the redefinition of their relationship with guests... "

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The WE(i) Talk Article - Wellness
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