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WE(i) Talk: Regeneration Edition - Walk the Talk with Chalana Perera

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Implementing Regeneration principles on a project in Sri Lanka

Chalana Perera lived in Europe before moving to his native Sri Lanka to start his own venture RETRACE Hospitality, a private advisory practice specialized in regenerative hospitality investments.

Passionate about regeneration, his home country and hospitality, Chalana is on a mission to empower and encourage local developers and operators to protect and preserve natural habitats, local communities and a rich and deep-rooted culture through purpose-driven hospitality investments.

It is a great pleasure to have Chalana share insights into the positioning and regeneration of a hospitality-cum-coastal mangrove site in Sri Lanka.

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WE(i) Talk - Walk the Talk with Chalana Perera
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