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WE(i) Talk: Wellness Edition - The Interview with Sue Harmsworth

Updated: Jul 19

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/wei-think/episodes/1--Wellness-with-Sue-Harmsworth-e10mmu2

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhtwn3Hmi-I&t=725s

Our very first episode of the WE(i) Talk series kicks off with Wellness, a key pillar of WE(i) Think’s services.

Wellness is gaining popularity and the word is being used anywhere and everywhere, bringing confusion among hospitality professionals and customers.

Wellness encompasses multidisciplinary elements and touches different aspects of guests’ hospitality and tourism experience. Guests are becoming more educated on these various aspects, integrating them in their lifestyles and wanting to continue their journey whilst they travel. It is therefore important for hotels to understand wellness principles to create the conditions and right environment for guests to easily access wellness elements during their stay.

An inspiring conversation with Sue Harmsworth, founder of ESPA and well-respected expert in the industry.

Dive into wellness with us this month, with new content every week and an interesting discussion where you can participate, comment and share.

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