About Us

WE(i) Think multi-disciplinary team has a wide range of experience in development, implementation and operation of hospitality and tourism services with the world most prominent high-end brands.


Our experts are passionate about wellbeing and walking their talk professionally and in their personal life, bringing a rich skillset integrating corporate practices, operational guidelines, health, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition knowledge and spiritual mindset. Our approach is profitability conscious yet people, community and environment oriented, in line with our mission to make our guests and employees thrive, grow and live their healthier and happier life.


We take pride in creating meaningful projects, promoting health, inclusion, sustainability, kindness and ethic, and take seriously our responsibility in improving people’s health.


Forward thinking and innovative, we co-founded the Hospitality of the Future Think Tank, are board member of the Hotel of Tomorrow and part of the Global Wellness Institute Tourism Initiative.



To inspire and empower hospitality and tourism professionals to create meaningful projects benefiting guests, employees and communities wellbeing.



To change the hospitality and tourism industry, conceptualising, operating and managing regenerative and conscious oriented venues globally.