WE(i) Think offers an innovative and collaborative generation of hospitality and tourism development and operation services, with guests, employees and communities’ wellbeing at its core.​

We translate your idea into a unique viable project, bridging the gap between commercial concept and design vision, development and operations, while providing a holistic and integrative approach of wellbeing, radiating in all part of your project. ​

We give purpose to your idea, making it more than ‘just’ a business. We understand your operational and financial problematics, your guests needs, your employees’ requirements and the benefit of being involved in your local community.




You want to develop a profitable yet meaningful hospitality or tourism project

Sailing in Sea



You want to create a holistic wellbeing offer benefitting your guests, employees and community

Walking on Pink Water


You want to become a wellbeing destination, promoting your local heritage, lifestyle and environment

Meet The Team

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Celine Vadam

Founder & CEO


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“My vision for WE(i) Think is to bring together my more than 10 years’ experience in hospitality development and corporate strategy and operations, with my personal credentials in holistic wellbeing, nutrition and health coaching, to create bespoke projects empowering people to live healthier, happier and longer lives.”


Tina Harringer


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“Being able to share my expertise in hotel operations at various luxury and lifestyle brands as well as design & feasibility, with my passion to create spaces where ‘happiness’ and ‘well-being’ can be celebrated and that truly affects people’s lives, is both impactful and valuable on a professional as well as personal level.”